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    Decoding China- A Handbook for Traveling, Studying, and Working in Today's China

    EAN: 9780804842679

    ISBN:  //  ISBN: 9780804842679 // 978-0-8048-4267-9
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
    Verlag: Tuttle
    Seitenzahl: 288
    Sprachen: Englisch
    Herkunftsland: USA

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    Don't just go to China—connect with it!

    Going to China for the first time can be an intimidating experience, even for those who have studied the language. In fact, traveling to China for the second, third, or fourth time can also be a challenging experience, especially if you intend to be fully immersed in daily life, get off the beaten path, and experience the "real" China.

    This book is about how to get things done in China. Decoding China gives you down-to-earth information on how to deal with everyday situations—like eating at a restaurant or shopping at an outdoor market—that present unique and unexpected challenges for foreign visitors.

    • Why being polite when you board a bus is a big mistake
    • Finding a toilet (and what to bring along!)
    • How to bargain for anything in a Chinese market
    • Which train ticket to buy—hard seat? Soft seat?
    • How the Chinese view privacy, and why it may make you seem suspicious
    • Working in a Chinese office, and the politics of lunch

    As the Academic Director at the Chinese Flagship Center of Brigham Young University, Dr. Matthew B. Christensen has seen countless foreigners arrive in China…and fail to accomplish simple tasks like ordering food, boarding a bus, or making friends with a Chinese colleague. Why? Because they didn't understand China's basic cultural codes. This book will help you crack these codes. And with it, you'll soon be able to navigate your way in any situation.

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    The Way We Live: China's Changing Lifestyle
    The Way We Live: China's Changing Lifestyle

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