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    Far East Illustrated 300 Chinese Character Dictionary

    EAN: 9789576129278

    ISBN: 9789576129278
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2010
    Verlag: Far East 
    Seitenzahl: 314
    Sprachen: Englisch, Chinesisch (vereinfacht)
    Herkunftsland: Taiwan

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    «Far East Illustrated 300 Chinese Character Dictionary» to learn 300 basic Chinese characters

    The selection of these characters has been made by analyzing the statistics of the use of frequency in a primary school in Taiwan and continental China. According to the authors, the fact that the reader masters these 300 characters, allows him to recognize 65% of the characters in a newspaper's page or any other reading. 

    The dictionary is focused in the meaning of the simplified characters, but it also gives the traditional forms of them.

    For each character, the following information can be also found: Radicals, its frequency of use, number of strokes, pinyin, bopomofo, a definition written in English, strokes order, examples in sentences and the way the more frequent position of the characters in sentences. 

    The examples of sentences and vocabulary have been selected very carefully. The origin of this selection is again, the frequency of use of the discourse that is given in primary schools. Another criteria was the simplicity and definitions. 

    The dictionary includes pictures which are very easy to understand which they also complement the definitions of the texts. 

    In some characters, the reader will also find clearer explanations in a special square. 

    At the end of the book the reader will find annexes: Radical index, character index by the number of strokes, characters by its frequency of use etc. 

    The books has been printed in full color and different inks have been also used to improve the quality of the contents. 

    This books can be also very useful for teachers. 

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    Far East Illustrated 300 Chinese Character Dictionary
    Far East Illustrated 300 Chinese Character Dictionary

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