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    Advance Business Chinese: Social Intercourse

    EAN: 9787301090398

    ISBN: 978-7-301-09039-8 //  ISBN: 9787301090398
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
    Verlag: Peking University Press
    Seitenzahl: 325
    Sprachen: Englisch, Chinesisch 
    Herkunftsland: China

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    A) Social Gatherings 

    1 You are invited. 请您参加 
    2 Please Kindly Accept his Small  Gift。 清笑纳 
    3 Join me in Raising your Galasses, Everybody. 清大家举杯
    4 It’s on me.我来买单

    B) Office work 
    5 Please Get the Documents Processed. 清处理一下这些文件。
    6 The General Manager Wants to See You. 总经理想见见你。 
    7 Will You All Try Your Best to fulfil the New Task. 请大家努力完成新的工作。
    8 Your Daily Schedule is Ready . 日程已经安排好了
    9 The Meeting will Begin at five pm下午五点开会

    C) Day to day Operations 
    10 I’ll give you a brief description of our firm.  我向您介绍一下我们的企业。
    11 Please look at these Products 。 请看这边。 
    12 There are our Products。 这就是我们的产品。 `
    13 We`d like to hear your comments。 请谈谈你的看法。
    14 How are the goods Being Received on the Market. 产品的市场表现如何。
    15  What`s Your Quoted Price, Please? 请您报价。
    16 We hope You ‘ll deliver the Goods As Soon As Possible.  希望贵方能早一点儿交货。 
    17 We Prefer Payment to Be Made By L/C。 我们希望采用信用证支付方式。
    18 Could I Make a few Requests 。 我可以提几个要求吗/
    19The Company has already reached a Decision. 公司已经作出决定。 
    20 We´ll commit ourselves to that 。 我们愿作出承诺,。 
    Key the exercises.

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