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    New Pathways - An Advanced Business Chinese Reader - erste Auflage

    EAN: 9781622914715

    ISBN: 978-1-62291-471-5 // ISBN: 9781622914715
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2019
    Verlag: Cheng & Tsui
    Seitenzahl: 480
    Sprachen: Englisch, Chinesisch
    Herkunftsland: China

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    New Pathways ist ein Lehrbuch für Sprachstudenten mit fortgeschrittenem Chinesisch-Niveau, welche Geschäfts- und Wirtschaftschinesisch üben möchten. Aus diesem Grund bietet dieses Buch Fachvokabular zur Makroökonomie und unternehmensbezogenen Bereichen an.

    Dank dieses Buches werden die Schüler in der Lage sein, Berichte, Zeitungen und andere schriftliche Texte zu Chinas Wirtschaft und Finanzsektor zu verstehen.

    New Pathways ist auf Chinesisch verfasst und enthält einige Texte und Erklärungen Englisch.

    Vom Verlag angebotene Buchbeschreibung:

    Designed for advanced students with an interest in business and the current state of China’s economy, New Pathways provides the foundational knowledge necessary to navigate China’s rapidly changing economic landscape. The twelve lessons address a broad range of macroeconomic topics, including the development of private enterprise and free trade zones, the evolution of the Chinese banking system, brand recognition in China, and the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

    In each lesson, the Main Text offers a sweeping overview of the lesson topic and its historical context, while the Supplementary Text delves deeper into specific aspects of the topic at hand. By combining informative readings with practical Chinese used in business settings, New Pathways equips students with the knowledge and language skills to discuss high-level macroeconomic ideas and better understand newspapers, reports, and other business and economics texts in formal written Chinese.


    • Lesson Texts are presented in both simplified and traditional characters on facing pages
    • Explanation of Terms (词语例释) sections strengthen students’ understanding of key terms and grammatical structures with concise English explanations and example sentences relevant to business situations
    • Distinguishing Synonyms (词语辨析) sections use English explanations and example sentences to help clarify nuanced differences between words with similar meanings
    • Exercises at the end of each lesson offer extensive opportunities for language practice, with particular emphasis on correct usage of vocabulary and grammar points
    • Questions and Exploration (问题与探讨) sections encourage students to conduct Internet research and present their findings in oral or written format for further discussion or debate

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    New Pathways - An Advanced Business Chinese Reader - erste Auflage
    New Pathways - An Advanced Business Chinese Reader - erste Auflage

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