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    Intermediate Chinese Grammar Course

    EAN: 9787301129142

    ISBN: 978-7-301-12914-2 // ISBN: 9787301129142
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2007
    Verlag: Peking University Press
    Seitenzahl: 232
    Sprachen: Chinesisch
    Herkunftsland: China

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    This book is a grammar book compiled for the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language in the intermediate stage. The aim is to help learners master the basic structure of Chinese in order to improve their Chinese proficiency. There are 17 courses in this book, supplemented by intermediate grammar test and referential answers. The features of this book are as follows. 1) On the basis of linguistic comparison, the book singles out grammatical levels according to the degree of difficulty and tailors the items into the learner's level. 2) For the compiling of the grammatical items, the book breaks through the conventional grammatical framework and groups together the related items according to the generation of a sentence. This would help the learner master the syntactic characteristics of Chinese sentence and improve their ability of correctly making sentence. 3) The patterns of exercise are various. There are drills simply examining the grasp of knowledge, and also practical exercise for communicative purpose. The book is suitable for the Chinese learner at the intermediate level, or for the training of Chinese teachers, especially of the ones who do not major in Chinese.



    第一讲 现代汉语语法的主要特点
    一 现代汉语语法的主要主要特点
    二 现代汉语句子的基本结构

    第二讲 时点和时量
    一 时点和时量
    二 时量词语在句子中的位置
    三 几组时间词语辩析
    第三讲 方位词与“在、是、有”
    第四讲 离合词与介词
    第五讲 在、正、着、呢
    第六讲 “了、过、(是)......的、来着”,“不”和“变”
    第七讲 要、会、将,起来、下去
    第八讲 动词重叠
    第九讲 形容词
    第十讲 量词和名词
    第十一讲 定语
    第十二讲 状语
    第十三讲 结果补语
    第十四讲 趋向补语与可能补语
    第十五讲 状态补语
    第十六讲 把字句和被字句
    第十七讲 语气助词
    附录一 中级语法自测题
    附录二 部分练习参考答案

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    Intermediate Chinese Grammar Course
    Intermediate Chinese Grammar Course

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