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    New HSK Analysis (Level 4)- Candidates and tutorial programs of New HSK

    EAN: 9787561938355

    ISBN: 978-7-5619-3835-5 //  ISBN: 978756193835
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
    Verlag: BLCUP
    Seitenzahl: 270
    Sprachen:  Chinesisch
    Herkunftsland:  China

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    Buchbeschreibung vom Verlag (auf Englisch):

    New HSK Analysis is a series of textbooks written for New HSK examinees. The series, consisting of five books, namely New HSK Analysis for Levels One and Two, New HSK Analysis for Level Three,New HSK Analysis for Level Four,New HSK Analysis for Level Five, and New HSK Analysis for Level Six, emphasizes both explanations and practice. The compilation style of the books is consistent, with the modules designed in accordance with the New HSK content. Each module is divided into several different parts, including Explanation of Question Types, Problem-Solving Skills, Important Testing Points, Past Test Analysis, and Practice of Specific Language Skills. Moreover, the series has three or four sets of mock tests in the end in order for readers to test themselves. All the exercises and mock tests have Q & A explanations for the convenience of students’ self-learning and teachers’ instructions.

    The series of New HSK Analysis, based on a thorough investigation into the examination syllabus and the past examination papers, summarizes the language points, and analyzes the types of questions. It focuses on the recurrence of high-frequency words, without neglecting words not listed in the examination syllabus. The combination of training and testing improves not only candidates’ language proficiency, but also their test-taking skills.

    Designed for examinees of HSK (Level 4), New HSK Analysis (Level 4) summarizes 27 testing points in the listening comprehension part, 13 in the reading comprehension part, and 12 in the writing part. It includes 4 sets of mock tests, the common collocations for words and phrases at Level IV and the other two appendices. An MP3 with the recordings for the listening comprehension exercises and the mock tests is attached to the book.

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    New HSK Analysis (Level 3)- Candidates and tutorial programs of New HSK
    New HSK Analysis (Level 3)- Candidates and tutorial programs of New HSK

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    De gran ayuda !! Se sitúa en un punto intermedio entre un libro de texto al uso y los test de examenes , supliendo los contenidos que en ellos faltan ,como : esquemas para cada una de las partes , trucos a utilizar en las respuestas , puntos fuerte de cada una de las partes y por ello a mejorar por el alumno ....Y la lista continúa ....Inestimable !!

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