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    Success with the New HSK. Vol 6 (sechs Prüfungssimulationen + 1 CD MP3)

    EAN: 9787561930625

    ISBN: 9787561930625
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2011
    Verlag: BLCUP
    Seitenzahl: 195
    Sprachen: Englisch, chinesisch 
    Herkunftsland: China

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    Beschreibung auf Englisch:

    This book is a collection of simulated tests written according to the New HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus (Level 6), including 6 sets of simulation papers, listening texts, reference answers and detailed explanations in addition to a CD of MP3 files free of charge.

    The simulated tests comply with the New HSK Syllabus (Level 6) in all aspects, such as question patterns, types of linguistic data, length and difficulty, covering virtually all the testing points required in the Syllabus.

    Providing authentic practices, this book is a good reference for the candidates who are going to take the New HSK Test (Level 6) in a month.

    Beschreibung auf Chinesisch:

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    Success with the New HSK. Vol 6 (Simulated Reading Tests)
    Success with the New HSK. Vol 6 (Simulated Reading Tests)

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