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    New Target Chinese Spoken Language 2 (enthält QR code)

    EAN: 9787561933763

    ISBN: 978-7-5619-3376-3 // ISBN: 9787561933763
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2018
    Verlag: BLCUP
    Seitenzahl: 219
    Sprachen: Englisch, Chinesisch
    Herkunftsland: China

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    Vom Verlag angebotene Buchbeschreibung auf Englisch:

    This is a set of conversation textbooks following the task-based teaching ideas. Being objective-oriented and task-based in communication, it combines the topics, functions and culture, so as to artistically integrate the form and meaning. It is suitable for total beginners of Chinese language and can be used by students of short-term or long-term training programs.
    Volume 2 includes 10 units, having topics such as weather, health, study, asking for directions, travelling, means of transportation, Chinese food, date, etc. Each unit includes several objectives of the tasks and helps learners to achieve language acquisition when carrying out the tasks.
    It provides the English translation, full-color illustrations and pictures of the real objects. There is a recording CD in addition.

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    New Target Chinese Spoken Language 1 (enthält QR code)
    New Target Chinese Spoken Language 1 (enthält QR code)

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