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    My First Chinese Words- 36 Storybook Set mit Audio CD

    EAN: 9789629783594

    ISBN: 9789629783594
    Verlag: Better Chinese
    Seitenzahl: 36 Bücher
    Sprachen: Englisch, Chinesisch 
    Herkunftsland: USA

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    Anmerkung des Verlages auf Englisch:

    My First Chinese Words series is for the beginning young learner with no prior exposure to Chinese.

    This set of 36 size-appropriate storybooks is designed with the idea that young children learn best when the information given is relevant to their everyday lives, which makes learning fun and exciting. The stories contain meaningful sentence structures, teaching students to communicate in full sentences as opposed to have them memorize individual characters. The series also use overlapping content and a predictable narrative structure to provide a springboard for creative role-playing and acting. This gives children the opportunity to quickly apply what they learn in real-life situations as well as start communicating in Chinese right away.

    My First Chinese Words series has been adopted by the Department of Education in the following states:





                    -West Virginia



    It was also awarded the highest recognition from Hanban as the best CFL (Chinese as a Foreign Language) curriculum for its target group.  Please see our schools for an exemplary list.

    Supportive Teacher/Parent’s Guide: Focusing on interpersonal, interpretational, and presentational skills, the teacher/parent’s guide includes task-based assessments for lesson planning and goal setting.

    In  diesem Link  können Sie einen Blick auf die in der Buchreihe „My First Chinese Words“ verwendete Methodik werfen.


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    Aprende chino con Xiao Yue 0 - (Incluye libro de alumno + libros de actividades + CD)
    Aprende chino con Xiao Yue 0 - (Incluye libro de alumno + libros de actividades + CD)

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    Estupendos libros para que los niños, previo estudio de las palabras, se inicien en la lectura solo con caracteres.

    Fantásticas imagenes y temas cotidianos. El tamaño es muy agradable para los niños.

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