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    The Stories of Tiantian 4B-Enthält QR-Code für Audio-Download

    EAN: 9787561949764

    ISBN: 9787561949764
    Año de edición: 2017
    Verlag: BLCUP
    Número de páginas: 49
    Sprachen: Chinesisch, inglé
    País de origen: China

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    Book sample

    The stories of TianTian is a graded reading for the method Easy Steps to Chinese

    In each level, the publishers have edited 5 books with 5 different letters: 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D y 4E. 

    These books follow a high school student named TianTian . 

    The writers wanted to design books that motivate the readers so that they can review and practice the vocabulary, the grammatical structures and the key points of the language that they have learnt through the main textbook. 


    - Three stories per book.
    - They include pinyin
    - QR code to download audios
    - Used language is focused in continuity and progression.
    - Easy- written books. 
    - It uses topics and vocabulary from the daily life. 
    - After each story, there are some exercises and questions. 
    - Annexed vocabulary
    - Teachers can use the stories for their lessons in class. 

    Characters per level 

    Level 1 stories include 100-200 characters.
    Level 2 stories include 300-500 characters.
    Level 3 stories include 600-800 characters.
    Level 4 stories include 1200-1600 characters.


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    The Stories of Tiantian 4B-Enthält QR-Code für Audio-Download
    The Stories of Tiantian 4B-Enthält QR-Code für Audio-Download

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