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    The Chinese Writing System in Asia - An Interdisciplinary Perspective

    EAN: 9781138907324

    ISBN: 978-1-138-90732-4 // ISBN: 9781138907324
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
    Verlag: Routledge
    Seitenzahl: 242
    Sprachen: Englisch, Chinesisch
    Herkunftsland: U.K

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    The Chinese Writing System in Asia: An Interdisciplinary Perspective integrates a diverse range of disciplinary approaches in examining how the Chinese script represents and actively shapes personal and social identities in and beyond Asia. It is an ideal read for students and scholars interested in a broad and culturally rich introduction to research on the Chinese writing system. It can also serve as the main text of an undergraduate course on the subject.

    Key features of this volume include:

    • Insights from studies of the Chinese writing system in linguistics, script reform and technology, gender, identity, literature, and the visual arts;
    • Examples embedded in inquiries of the cultural history and contemporary society of Asia;
    • Rigorous yet accessible discussions of complex concepts and phenomena that assume no prior knowledge of Asian languages or linguistics;
    • Supplementary multimedia materials and resources, including instructional support, available online.


      Part I Linguistic Preliminaries

      Chapter 1 Foundational concepts

      Chapter 2 What is writing?

      Chapter 3 What kinds of writing systems are there?

      Chapter 4 Pīnyīn tutorial

      Part II Writing Chinese

      Chapter 5 The Chinese speech

      Chapter 6 Written Chinese

      Chapter 7 The Chinese writing system

      Chapter 8 Demythifying the Chinese script

      Part III Borrowing the Chinese writing system

      Chapter 9 Chinese characters in Asia: An overview

      Chapter 10 Writing Korean

      Chapter 11 Writing Japanese

      Chapter 12 Writing Vietnamese

      Part IV Reforming the Chinese script

      Chapter 13 Phonetic writing before pīnyīn

      Chapter 14 Pīnyīn

      Chapter 15 Simplification of Chinese characters

      Chapter 16 Writing and technology in modern China

      Part V Identity and gender in writing Chinese

      Chapter 17 Handwriting and personhood

      Chapter 18 Sexism in the Chinese writing system

      Chapter 19 Nǚshū: Women’s script

      Chapter 20 Script choice in writing Japanese

      Part VI Chinese Characters in art and literature

      Chapter 21 Chinese calligraphy

      Chapter 22 A calligraphy workshop

      Chapter 23 Modern calligraphy in China

      Chapter 24 Chinese Characters in Avant-garde art

      Chapter 25 Chinese Characters and Western Modernist poetry

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    Reading and Writing Chinese Characters (B) Textbook
    Reading and Writing Chinese Characters (B) Textbook

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