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    Setting the Stage for Chinese Level 2

    EAN: 9780887275302

    ISBN:  978-0-88727-530-2 //  ISBN: 9780887275302
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2009
    Verlag: Cheng & Tsui
    Seitenzahl: 148
    Sprachen: Englisch, chinesisch
    Herkunftsland: USA

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    Mit diesem Buch ist es einfach, Chinesischschüler zu motivieren: Es enthält Fabeln auf Chinesisch die als Theaterstück aufgeführt werden können. Es eignet sich hervorragend zum Vorbereiten von zum Beispiel einer Jahresabschlussfeier. Dies ist der zweite Band der Serie, hier finden Sie den ersten Band.

    Da das Buch auf Englisch ist, finden Sie untenstehend die vom Verlag verfasste Beschreibung:  


    Vom Verlag angebotene Produktbeschreibung auf Englisch:

    Many students learn by doing, and with Setting the Stage for Chinese, students of all ages will be singing, shouting and laughing as they learn Chinese. By combining language learning with theater performance, this innovative series of bilingual plays introduces students to Chinese language and culture as they read each story, memorize their roles and perform on stage.

    Designed for intermediate to advanced students of Chinese, Level 2 of this series includes adaptations of China's fairy tales and favorite holiday stories such as "Lantern Festival," "Five Brothers" and "Cowherd and Weaver Girl." Contemporary dialogues, rhymes and songs are woven into the scripts, making the language come alive for the stage. Both performers and their parents in the audience will remember these plays for years to come.


    • 6 bilingual plays (English, simplified characters and pinyin romanization), making Setting the Stage for Chinese perfect for both heritage speakers and learners of Chinese as a second language.
    • Plays cover a wide range of topics in Chinese culture, including four traditional Chinese holidays, fairy tales, legends and stories about historical figures. This rich cultural component will help students gain fluency in Chinese culture.
    • Bilingual teacher resource pages for each play offer background information, ideas for the performance, and practical teaching suggestions.
    • Additional ideas for costumes and props are available online on the companion website.

    Plays in Level 2:

    • Moon Story
    • Five Brothers
    • Lantern Festival
    • Cang Jie
    • Dragon Boat Festival
    • Cowherd & Weaver Girl



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    Setting the Stage for Chinese Level 2
    Setting the Stage for Chinese Level 2

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