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    Essential Mandarin Chinese - Phrasebook & Dictionnary

    EAN: 9780804846851

    ISBN: 978-0-8048-4685-1 // ISBN: 9780804846851
    Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
    Verlag: Tuttle Publishing
    Seitenzahl: 207
    Sprachen: Englisch, Chinesisch
    Herkunftsland: Vereinigte Staaten

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    Essential Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary presents the practical language of everyday interactions, conveyed in a way that's clear, concise, accessible and enjoyable.

    It includes significant sentences used when meeting people, starting conversations, and asking and replying to questions, as well as a basic Chinese grammar and pronunciation guide to help you start speaking Mandarin right away.

    Terms and phrases covering mobile phones, wireless, and social media help you make the most of the language. Also, sentences on the essentials of travel help visitors navigate the basics of arranging accommodations, dining out, dealing with transportation and emergencies, and more. All Chinese words are presented in both Romanized form and Chinese script.

    Essential Mandarin Chinese Phrasebook & Dictionary includes:

    • Over 1,500 practical sentences for everyday use
    • A dictionary containing over 2,000 terms and expressions
    • A handy format for finding the information you need quickly and easily
    • The latest Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and phrases for smartphones, social media and more
    • Manga illustrations provided as visual cues for language use in context

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