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    Serie: Viaje al Oeste (10 DVD)

    EAN: 9787799806834

    ISBN: 9787799806834
    Year of production: 1986
    Producer: CCTV
    Languages: Chinese 
    Country of origin: China 

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    -1 The Birth of Monkey King
    -2 Monkey King Being in Charge of Horses
    -3 Monkey King Making a Mess in Heaven Palace
    -4 Monkey King Being imprisoned in Wuhang Mountain
    -5 Monkey King Becomes the Body Guard of Monk Tang
    -6 Disaster in Kwan-yin Temple
    -7 Getting Ba Jie with Strategy
    -8 Facing Three Adversities During the Rough Journey
    -9 Stealing the Ginseng Fruit
    -10 Beating the Dead Bones Spirit Three Times
    -11 Stimulating the Monkey King Wisely
    -12 Seizing Treasures in Lotus Flower Cave
    -13 Killing the Devils in the Wuji Country
    -14 A Battle with the Red Boy
    -15 Defeating the Three Monsters with Magic
    -16 The Funny Advantage in the Women Nation
    -17 Getting the Palm-leaf Fan for Three Times
    -18 Cleaning the Tower and Clarifying the Injustice
    -19 Getting in the Little Thunder Temple Accidentally
    -20 Doctor Monkey King
    -21 Falling in the Spider Silk Cave Accidentally
    -22 Visiting the Abyss for Four Times
    -23 Teaching in Yuhua Continent
    -24 Getting the Rabbit Spirit in India
    -25 Arriving the Pure Land


    25集大型电视系列 剧,改编自中国四大古典名著,一个中国人耳熟能详的经典神话故事。唐僧西天取经的传奇几乎伴随和影响了所有中国青少年的成长。孙悟空三打白骨精,猪八戒娶 媳妇,牛魔王和火焰山....一个一个妙趣横生的神话故事,让你在这一幕幕的幻象仙境中逍遥个够。

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    Serie: Viaje al Oeste (10 DVD)
    Serie: Viaje al Oeste (10 DVD)

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