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    Integrated Chinese Level 1. Part 2. DVD (Third Edition)

    EAN: 9780887277658

    ISBN: 978-0-88727-765-8 //  ISBN: 9780887277658
    Year of publication: 2009
    Publisher: Cheng & Tsui
    Languages: Chinese
    Country of origin: US

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    The Integrated Chinese series is a two-year course that includes textbooks, workbooks, character workbooks, online workbooks, audio CDs, multimedia resources, and teacher's handbooks. Materials are available in both simplified character and traditional character versions.

    LEVEL 1 PART 1

        * Begins the first year of study in Chinese, and introduces about 350 vocabulary items

        * Covers the basics with simple, graded activities on essential topics such as greetings, dates and times, family, and shopping

        * Introduces essential grammatical structures

        * Positions pinyin texts close to Chinese character texts so students can focus on speaking and pronunciation

    LEVEL 1 PART 2

        * Continues the first year of study and introduces about 350 more vocabulary items

        * Helps learners build communicative skills as they discuss everyday topics and learn useful sentence structures

      LEVEL 2 PART 1

        * Begins the second year of study with about 350 more vocabulary items

        * Covers topics of interest to college-age students, such as campus life, career planning, and Chinese cultural traditions

        * Includes pinyin texts at the end of each lesson, so students can read characters without relying on pinyin

    LEVEL 2 PART 2

        * Focuses on important linguistic structures to build and refine learners' understanding of Chinese grammar

        * Introduces approximately 400 more vocabulary items

        * Gradually introduces more formal speech and written-style language

    What's New in the Third Edition?

        * An all-new, four-color design to facilitate student learning

        * Fewer lessons in Level 1 (20) to allow for more flexible pacing

        * Level 2 split into 2 parts for more flexibility
        * More task-based, communicative language applications and exercises in both the textbook and the workbook
        * A reorganization of the lessons so that each of the dialogues or readings is followed by its own Vocabulary, Grammar, and Language Practice sections
        * An exciting new storyline now links all the dialogues and readings in each level
        * New photos, illustrations, and authentic materials such as menus, street signs and tickets have been added throughout
        * Learning Objectives have been added to the beginning of each lesson to help students focus their studies and achieve language learning goals
        * Relate and Get Ready introductory questions for each lesson, designed to help students relate the learning objectives to their own cultural knowledge and communicative goals
        * New up-to-date, relevant vocabulary and a How About You? section in Level 1 that presents fun supplementary vocabulary personalized to fit students' interests
        * The Culture Highlights section provides just the right amount of relevant, interesting cultural information in a consistent place in each lesson
        * Review sections after every five lessons for review and reinforcement
        * A Progress Checklist at end of each lesson allows students to track their own progress and identify areas for further review
        * The comprehensive grammar coverage now has clearer explanations and examples
        * A detailed plan of scope and sequence to aid in lesson planning.
        * Exercises in the Workbook are arranged in two parts for each lesson, corresponding to the two dialogues or readings in the textbook
        * The Workbook now includes brief review lessons after every 5 lessons for cumulative practice and reinforcement
        * Audio recordings include English translations for studying on the go and are available on CD or as MP3 downloads
        * The Character Workbook includes more practice space for each character and radical information for each character
        * Teacher's Handbook (available spring 2010) will include sample syllabi, lesson planning and teaching tips, answer keys, additional classroom activities, sample tests and quizzes, and more!

    Table of contents:

    Lesson 11: Talking about the Weather

    Lesson 12: Dining

    Lesson 13: Asking Directions

    Lesson 14: Birthday Party

    Lesson 15: Seeing a Doctor

    Lesson 16: Dating

    Lesson 17: Renting an Apartment

    Lesson 18: Sports

    Lesson 19: Travel

    Lesson 20: At the Airport

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    Integrated Chinese Level 1. Part 2. DVD (Third Edition)
    Integrated Chinese Level 1. Part 2. DVD (Third Edition)

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