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    Dominos of Chinese Characters - A cumulative Method of Learning (Includes QR Code for audio download)

    EAN: 9787561949368

    ISBN: 978-7-5619-4936-8 // ISBN: 9787561949368
    Year of publication: 2018
    Publisher: BLCUP
    Number of pages: 390
    Language: English, Chinese
    Country of origin: China

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    Dominos of Chinese Characters is a book that explains 365 characters and 1000 derived from them. Each character includes a full page explanation with the origins, readings and meaning. In addition, there are sentences that put those characters in context, which is helpful to understand how they must be used. 

     The book uses the technique of the imaginative memory and includes pictures that are very similar to each character. In addition, on top of each page, there is a QR code that includes characters and examples read out loud, which is helpful to practice pronunciation. 

    At the end of the book, there are 3 index: the first with the characters ordered by theme, the second one with the characters ordered depending on the level of the HSK test and the last one with the characters ordered by meaning. 

    A book for those who wish to get deeper in Chinese characters study or those who wish to know the meaning and the origins of Chinese language in general and characters in particular. 

    Description by the publisher

    This book introduces a learning method of knowledge transplantation through a detailed explanation of 365 commonly used Chinese characters and an introduction of other related 1000 characters, 1600 common phrases,1100 communicative expressions, and 150 cultural elements.

    It provides vivid images to analyze the structures and meanings of Chinese characters, thus helping students explore the character formation rule of the ancient Chinese people. On the one hand, related words and sentences are explained for students to master the usage of the Chinese characters, phrases, and sentences; on the other hand, the relation between different characters is also introduced so that students can learn many other related characters after understanding one character and grasping the rule behind it. In addition, students will be exposed to Chinese food, marriage, clothing, Chinese medicine, architecture, transportation, literature and other rich cultural elements. Thus, they will find how magical the Chinese characters are!

    It can be said that this book is not only a Chinese character learning manual, but also an encyclopedia from the perspective of Chinese characters.

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    Dominos of Chinese Characters - A cumulative Method of Learning (Includes QR Code for audio download)
    Dominos of Chinese Characters - A cumulative Method of Learning (Includes QR Code for audio download)

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