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    Boya Chinese Elementary 1- Second Edition (Incl. Textbook + Workbook + Vocabulary Handbook + QR Code)

    EAN: 9787301209073

    ISBN: 978-7-301-20907-3 //  ISBN: 978730120907
    Year of publication: 2013
    Publisher: Peking University Press
    Number of pages: 434
    Languages: Chinese, English
    Country of origin: China

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    Second edition of elementary level 1 of Boya Chinese series. 

    This book is targeted to beginners and, along with the second volume of elementary series, covers a range of 1000 words. After finishing this level, students will be ready to pass level 3 of HSK exam.

    This book is specially recommended in intensive courses because students will be able to learn very quickly. Elementary level (Books 1 and 2) include 55 lessons, 11 units, 5 lessons per unit. All texts are written in Chinese and new words are available though audio to learn its pronunciation. 

    This second edition includes the textbook, the workbook, a book with vocabulary and a QR Code with all audio, which is also available on top of this file. 

    The book does not contain the answer key. 

    Boya Chinese series

    Boya Chinese includes 9 books divided as it follows: 

    Elementary (2 books)

    Pre-Intermediate (2 books)

    Intermediate (2 books)

    Advanced (3 books)

    These textbooks have been developed by professionals from the university of Beijing, one of the most prestigious institutions of China. These books are also used at this university to teach Chinese to foreigners. 

    This method is different from others because dialogues are written in Chinese characters and they appear separated from their version in pinyin (phonetic transcription) which is very useful to get use to Chinese characters. 

    Explanations, new words presentation and exercises instructions are written in English- At the end of the book, students will find translations of all texts. 

    Contents in Chinese:

    前言 编写说明 人物介绍 略语表 语音部分 
    第一课 你好 
    第二课 你是哪国人 
    第三课 那是你的书吗 
    第四课 图书馆在哪儿 
    第五课 在北京大学的东边 
    第六课 现在几点 
    第七课 明天你有课吗 
    第八课 你的电话号码是多少 
    第九课 多少钱一瓶 
    第十课 你家里有几口人 
    第十一课 北京的冬天比较冷 
    第十二课 你在干什么呢 
    第十三课 我去图书馆借书 
    第十四课 我喜欢浅颜色的 
    第十五课 明天是我朋友的生日 
    第十六课 周末你干什么 
    第十七课 做客(一) 
    第十八课 做客(二) 
    第十九课 现在习惯了 
    第二十课 看病人 
    第二十一课 我喝了半斤白酒 
    第二十二课 他感冒了 
    第二十三课 你学了多长时间汉语 
    第二十四课 你吃了早饭来找我 
    第二十五课 你得多锻炼锻炼了 
    第二十六课 快考试了 
    第二十七课 爸爸妈妈让我回家 
    第二十八课 考得怎么样 
    第二十九课 我们已经买好票了 
    第三十课 我要参加联欢会 课文译文 词语索引 语言点索引 

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    Boya Chinese Elementary 1- Second Edition (Incl. Textbook + Workbook + Vocabulary Handbook + QR Code)
    Boya Chinese Elementary 1- Second Edition (Incl. Textbook + Workbook + Vocabulary Handbook + QR Code)

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