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    Mini Radio Plays (Textbook) Revised edition - QR code for audios

    EAN: 9789570919769

    ISBN: 978-957-09-1976-9 // ISBN: 9789570919769
    Year of publication: 2020
    Publisher: Cheng Chung Book CO. LTD
    Number of pages: 241
    Language: traditional Chinese
    Country of origin: Taiwan

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    Mini Radio Plays is a book with which to practice listening comprehension in Chinese. The book is written in traditional Chinese, which is the one used in Taiwan. Hence, the book uses traditional characters instead of simplified ones. 

    This book is divided in 12 units structured like radio scripts or dialogues between two or more people. Each unit also includes listening comprehension questions and definitions (written in Chinese) of the most advanced words. All audios can be downloaded through a QR code located at the end of the book or on top of this file. 

    Mini Radio Plays is entirely written in Traditional Chinese without explanations in English, so it requieres a high level to being able to understand the texts and the audios, however, it is a great material to practice listening comprehension. 

    At the end of the book, there are lists with all vocabulary written in pinyin, bopomofo or Zhuyin and traditional and simplified characters.                                     




    第一課  一朵玫瑰

    第二課  一念之差

    第三課  慧劍斬情絲

    第四課  行行出狀元

    第五課  婚姻面面觀

    第六課  莫貪意外之財

    第七課  別讓嫦娥笑我們髒

    第八課  老吾老以及人之老

    第九課  腳踏實地

    第十課  兩代之間

    第十一課  人生的十字路口

    第十二課  輪椅上的春天

    詞類略語表  Key to Abbreviations

    生詞索引  Vocabulary Index(按生詞筆畫順序排列)

    生詞索引  Vocabulary Index(按生詞拼音順序排列)

     生詞索引  Vocabulary Index(按課數順序排列)

    句型索引  Sentence Patterns Index

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    Mini Radio Plays (Textbook) Revised edition - QR code for audios
    Mini Radio Plays (Textbook) Revised edition - QR code for audios

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