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    YCT Standard Course 1 - Activity Book (YCT 1)

    EAN: 9787040482171

    YCT Standard Course 1 - Activity Book (YCT1) 
    ISBN:  978-7-04-048217-1 //  ISBN: 9787040482171
    Year of publication: 2017
    Publisher: Higher Education Press
    Number of pages: 45
    Languages: Chinese, English
    Country of origin: China

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    YCT Standard Course 1 - Activity Book (YCT 1)  is the workbook of the first level of the method YCT Standard Course, for this reason, it can be complemented with the textbook  YCT Standard Course 1 - YCT 1. 

    This book posits exercises to review what it has been learnt in the main textbook. 

    The exercises are targeted to children, for this reason, some of them contain fun activities such us drawing, copy and paste etc. Besides, the books provide exercised to write characters: fill the gaps, choose a word etc. 

    Students will find the answers at the end of the book. 


    Lesson1 你好!
    Lesson2 你叫什么?
    Lesson3 是谁?
    Lesson4 我家有四口人。
    Lesson5 我6岁。+
    Lesson6 你的个子真高!
    Lesson7 这是谁的狗?
    Lesson8 我去商店。
    Lesson9 今天星期几?
    Lesson10 现在几点?
    Lesson11 你吃什么?

    YTC Standard Course Serie

    The serie is authorized by Hanban and it has been made with the effort of Higher Education Press publishers which is the institution that organizes Chinese Testing International (CTI).

    This course is targeted to elementary school and it can be used to learn Chinese and at the same time, to pass the official exams. 

    Levels of the serie

    The serie has 12 books: six textbooks and six workbooks with the following YCT structure.

    - Volume 1: YCT 1
    - Volume 2: YCT 2
    - Volume 3 y 4: YCT 3
    - Volume 5 y 6: YCT 4

    Description by the publisher:

    Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency, which evaluates the ability of non-native Chinese middle school and primary school students to use the Chinese language in their daily lives and study. With the principle of "combining testing and teaching, promoting learning and teaching by testing", Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and China Higher Education Press too much effort in compiling the YCT standard Course.This series is YCT Standard Course's supplementary activity booklet.


    为鼓励汉语非第一语言的中小学生学习汉语,培养、提高他们的汉语能力,自2004年以来,中国国家汉办组织中外汉语教学、语言学、心理学和教育测量学等领域的专家,在充分调查、了解海外中小学实际汉语教学情况的基础上,开发了新中小学生汉语考试(YCT)。YCT分笔试和口试两部分,笔试和口试是相互独立的。笔试包括YCT(一级)、 YCT(二级)、YCT(三级)和YCT(四级);口试包括YCT(初级)和YCT(中级)。

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    YCT Standard Course 1 (incl. online audio file) - YCT 1
    YCT Standard Course 1 (incl. online audio file) - YCT 1

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