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Start Business Chinese 1. Workbook (Incluye CD de audio)

EAN: 9780887276613

Start Business Chinese 1. Workbook (Incluye CD de audio)
ISBN:  978-0-88727-661-3 //  ISBN: 9780887276613
Año de edición: 2006
Editorial: Cheng & Tsui
Número de páginas: 229
Idioma: inglés, chino 
País de origen: China

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Libro de ejercicios del primer nivel de una serie de libros de chino para los negocios dirigidos a estudiantes que no tengan ningún conocimiento previo del idioma.

Descripción de la serie en ingles:

Designed for those with no prior knowledge of Chinese, Startup Business Chinese: An Introductory Course for Professionals escorts readers through daily business and social situations encountered by executives doing business in and with China.

Level 1's storyline is centered on a foreign executive's business trip to China, and deals with visiting a factory, dining out, making appointments, thanking hosts, and more.

Level 2 continues the storyline as the executive relocates to China to live and work, and deals with travel plans, setting up an office, communicating with colleagues, accessing the Internet and other publications, finding an apartment and international school, and seeing the doctor.

The Startup Business Chinese series currently includes textbooks with audio CD, and  workbooks with audio CD.

Level 1 is in simplified characters only. Level 2 includes traditional characters in the textbooks' vocabulary lists, and presents traditional character versions of the dialogues in addition to simplified character versions.

Descripción del producto en inglés:

This workbook to accompany Level 1 of Startup Business Chinese contains exercises for improving students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in business-related situations.

Units 1-6 begin with listening practice, and present a range of exercises testing students’ mastery of the vocabulary, phrases, and situations introduced in the textbook. Units 7-12 continue with exercises that boost students’ conversation and translation skills, and reinforce proper use of the vocabulary and sentence patterns in the textbook. A separate “Listening Comprehension” section at the back of the workbook presents at least two additional spoken dialogues related to the topics in the textbook units 2-12, followed by questions to test students’ understanding of the conversations.

This workbook includes an audio CD containing over 110 minutes of recordings in Windows Media Player (WMA) format to accompany the listening exercises in Units 1-6 and the conversations in the “Listening Conversations” section. All the recordings are spoken by native Chinese speakers in standard Mandarin Chinese.

Exercises are in simplified Chinese characters with pinyin romanization and English throughout, so students can choose to complete the exercises using either Chinese characters or pinyin.

Please note: These audio CDs are in


format, playable on your computer

Tabla de contenidos:

Unit 1.1 Exchanging Names


Unit 1.2 Exchanging Greetings


Unit 2.1 Meeting the Company Manager


Unit 2.2 Getting to Know the Company Staff


Unit 3.1 Marital Status and Family


Unit 3.2 Family Members and Relatives


Unit 4.1 Company Type


Unit 4.2 Company Size


Unit 5.1 Inquiring about Someone's Whereabouts


Unit 5.2 Inquiring after Someone's Profession


Unit 6.1 Setting up an Appointment


Unit 6.2 Rescheduling an Appointment


Unit 7.1 Visiting a Company for the First Time 7


Unit 7.2 Introducing Products and Plants


Unit 8.1 Dining Invitations


Unit 8.2 Dining Etiquette


Unit 9.1 Nightlife


Unit 9.2 Cultural Events


Unit 10.1 Asking Directions from Taxi Drivers


Unit 10.2 Asking Directions from Pedestrians


Unit 11.1 P laces for Purchasing Gifts


Unit 11.2 Gifts for Others


Unit 12.1 Showing Gratitude


Unit 12.2 Good-byes and Future Plans


Listening Comprehension for Units 2-12


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Start Business Chinese 1. Textbook (Incluye código de descarga de audio)
Start Business Chinese 1. Textbook (Incluye código de descarga de audio)

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