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Listen to it Right: Situational Chinese Elementary (Incluye CD)

EAN: 9787301141304

Listen to it Right: Situational Chinese Elementary (Incluye CD)
ISBN:  978-7-301-14130-4 //  ISBN: 9787301141304
Año de edición: 2008
Editorial: Peking University Press
Número de páginas: 250
Idioma: inglés, chino 
País de origen: China

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Descripción en inglés de la serie a la que pertenece el producto:

This series is designed to improve the listening skills of beginning, intermediate and advanced students. The elementary level has 30 lessons and each begins with listening to daily conversations. Then each sentence is introduced with translations and grammar explanations, followed by exercises.

The intermediate and advanced levels have 6 units each, and each unit has 8 stories broacast across the country on Chinese radio. These stories introduce the daily lives of ordinary Chinese in the city and countryside. Each lesson starts with listening to the stories, followed by vocabulary, grammar explanations and exercises.

While improving your Chinese listening skills, you'll also learn about Chinese culture and life in modern China. In Simplified Chinese characters only.

Títulos de cada una de las lecciones del presente volúmen:

第一课 问候与打招呼
Lessonl Greetings
第二课 询问(一)
Lesson2 Making Inquiries (I)
第三课 询问(二)
Lesson3 Making Inquiries (2)
第四课 教学安排
Lesson4 Teaching Arrangements
第五课 生活服务
Lesson5 Personal Care and Services
第六课 求医(一)
Lesson6 Seeking Medical Help (1)
第七课 购物(一)
Lesson7 Shopping (I)
第八课 求助
Lesson8 Asking for Help
第九课 在银行
Lesson9 In the Bank
第十课 市内交通
Lesson10 Inter-city Traffic
第十一课 求医(二)
Lesson11 Seeking Medical Help (2)
第十二课 餐饮(一)
Lesson12 Dining and Restaurants (1)
第十三课 约会与邀请
Lesson13 Appointments and Invitations
第十四课 请假与迟到
Lesson14 Asking for a Leave and Being Late
第十五课 餐饮(二)
Lesson15 Dining and Restaurants (2)
第十六课 住宾馆
Lesson16 In the Hotel
第十七课 打电话
Lesson17 Making Telephone Calls
第十八课 邮寄
Lesson18 Postal Services
第十九课 外出旅游
Lesson19 Traveling
第二十课 谈天气
Lesson20 Talking About Weather
第二十一课 安全与事故
Lesson21 Safety and Accidents
第二十二课 租房
Lesson22 Renting a House
第二十三课 借东西
Lesson23 Borrowing and Lending
第二十四课 购物(二)
Lesson24 Shopping (2)
第二十五课 说说体育
Lesson25 Sports
第二十六课 长途交通
Lesson26 Long-Distance Traffic
第二十七课 误会
Lesson27 Misunderstanding
第二十八课 感谢和抱怨
Lesson28 Gratitude and Complaint
第二十九课 看电视,听广播
Lesson29 Watching TV and Listening to the Radio
第三十课 文化生活
Lesson30 Cultural Life

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Listen to it Right: Situational Chinese Intermediate (Incluye CD)
Listen to it Right: Situational Chinese Intermediate (Incluye CD)

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Este libro es horrible. Las grabaciones son de pésima calidad. Además se supone que es un libro para mejorar la capacidad auditiva. Una total pérdida de dinero y tiempo.

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