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    A History of the Chinese Language

    EAN : 9780415660402

    A History of the Chinese Language
     978-0-415-66040-2 //  ISBN: 9780415660402
    Date de parution: 2014
    Editeur: Routledge
    Nombre de pages:  204
    Langue: anglais
    Pays d'origine: UK 

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    Description offerte par la maison d'édition (en anglais):

    A History of the Chinese Language provides a comprehensive introduction to the historical development of the Chinese language from its proto Sino-Tibetan roots in prehistoric times to Modern Standard Chinese. Taking a highly accessible and balanced approach, it presents a chronological survey of the various stages of Chinese language development, covering crucial aspects such as phonology, syntax and semantics.

    Features include:

    • Coverage of the key historical stages in Chinese language development, such as Old Chinese, Middle Chinese, Early Modern Chinese, Classical Chinese and Modern Standard Chinese
    • Treatment of core linguistic aspects of the Chinese language including phonological changes, grammatical development, lexical evolution, vernacular writing, Chinese characters and Modern Chinese dialects
    • Inclusion of many authentic Chinese legends and texts throughout the book, presented through a rigorous framework of linguistic analysis to help students to build up strong critical and evaluative skills and acquire valuable cultural knowledge
    • Integration of materials from different disciplines, such as archaeology, anthropology, history and sociolinguistics, to highlight the cultural and social background of each period of the language
    • Helpful appendices to aid students with no prior knowledge of linguistics or the Chinese language
    • Companion website at offering a wealth of supplementary resources such as additional exercises, answer keys and audio recordings of the sounds of Middle and Old Chinese.

    Written by a highly experienced instructor, A History of the Chinese Language will be an essential resource for beginning students of Chinese Language and Linguistics and for anyone interested in the history and culture of China.


    Preface. List of tables List of figures 1. A Walk Through Time: General Introduction 2. A Tale of Two Tribes: Prehistory 3. Thus Spake Confucius: Sounds of Old Chinese 4. Poetically they dwelt: Sounds of Middle Chinese 5. Marco Polo’s Phrasebook: Sounds of Early Modern Chinese 6. Philosophy and History: Classical Chinese 7. Literature and Religion: Vernacular Writing 8. In Other Words: vocabulary change 9. One for all: Modern Standard Chinese 10. Celebration of Diversity: Modern Chinese Dialects 11. The Legend of Cangjie: Chinese characters References Appendices I-V Index




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    The Chinese Language - It's History and Current Usage
    The Chinese Language - It's History and Current Usage

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