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    800 Frequently Used Chinese Function Words

    EAN : 9787561934715

    800 Frequently Used Chinese Function Words 
     978-7-5619-3471-5   //  ISBN: 9787561934715
    Date de parution: 2013
    Editeur: BLCUP
    Nombre de pages: 930
    Langue: anglais, chinois
    Pays d'origine: Chine

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    Description de l'éditeur (en anglais):

    This dictionary includes altogether more than 800 frequently used Chinese function words, as well as some common affixes and conjunction words, of which 180 pairs similar in meaning are compared, and 250 function words often misused by international students are presented with the wrong sentences they made and the corrected sentences are also provided. Each function word is marked with its word type, pinyin and English translation. Example sentences are used to explain the meanings and usages of function words. The example sentences, being ample and practical, are closely related to the contemporary Chinese society and the study and life of international students. Two indexing methods, one based on phonetics and the other on strokes, are provided.

    About the Author
    Yang Jizhou is the Professor of Beijing Language and Culture University and the Supervisor of the Master candidates majoring in Curriculum and Pedagogy. With years of work in the compilation of TCFL textbooks and research of TCFL, he published The Syllabus of Teaching Elementary Chinese for Foreigners, the series of textbooks Chinese Course and Climbing Up, and the dictionary 1700 Groups of Frequently Used Chinese Synonyms. He also wrote Order of Grammatical Items of Teaching Elementary Chinese for Beginners, Issues in the Compilation of Elementary Chinese and other papers and won the 2nd prize of 2001 Beijing (Higher) Education Achievements.

    Description de l'éditeur (en chinois):

    汉语的虚词几乎涉及对外汉语教学的全部语法项目,是对外汉语教学的重点和难点。学习者掌握了虚词的用法,就能使自己的汉语水平提高到一个新水平;汉语教师 有了虚词词典作参考,就能进一步丰富虚词的教学内容,提升自己的教学水平。本词典可帮助汉语学习者很好地学习和运用虚词,并为汉语教师提供教学借鉴和参 考,从而解决汉语虚词难学、难教的问题。


    本词典共收录800多个汉语常用虚词,包括一些常用词缀及关联词语,并比较了其中180对近义虚词用法的异同,纠正了外国学生对250个虚词的误用错句。 每个虚词都标注词性,注有汉语拼音和英文翻译。本词典注重用例句讲解虚词的意义和用法,例句丰富、实用,紧贴当代中国社会和外国学生学习与生活的实际。有 音序、笔画两种检索方式,可灵活选用。

    杨寄洲,北京语言大学教授,课程与教学论硕士生导师。长期从事对外汉语教学和教材的编写、科研工作,代表作有《对外汉语初级阶段教学大纲》,教材《汉语教 程》系列、《登攀》系列,工具书《1700对近义词语用法对比》等。主要论文有《对外汉语初级阶段语法项目的排序问题》、《编写初级汉语教材的几个问题》 等。曾获 2001年北京市教育教学成果二等奖(高等教育)。

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    A Practical Chinese Grammar (2nd Revised Edition)
    A Practical Chinese Grammar (2nd Revised Edition)

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