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    English - Chinese Lexicon of Business Terms with Pinyin

    EAN : 9780887273940

    ISBN: 978-0-88727-394-0 //  ISBN: 9780887273940
    Date de parution: 2002
    Editeur: Cheng & Tsui
    Nombre de pages: 442
    Langue: anglais, chinoisis 
    Pays d'origine: Estados Unidos

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    Nota de la Editorial

    Comprehensive and current, this lexicon is the first specifically designed to serve the needs of English speakers doing business in and with China and other Mandarin-speaking areas. It combines practicality and ease of use in addressing a wide range of business topics, including finance, international trade, real estate, and business-related legal terms. Also included is generic vocabulary commonly used in a business context. English entry words are arranged alphabetically with the Chinese equivalents shown side by side. Numerous sample phrases illustrate business applications of entries. This material has been field-tested at the American Graduate School of International Management and elsewhere. Simplified characters with pinyin.

    这套全面且符合当代需求的字典是第一套专门针对与中文使用者洽商的英语使用者所设计,它巧妙地融合实务又方便使用,丰富的主题涵盖了财经、国贸、不动产、 企业法规…等等,更包含企业文书十分常用的许多词汇。本书按照英文输入的字母顺序所编排,从旁提供中文的注释,还同时提供许多词句和使用范例,这套教材是 曾经在美国一些国际管理研究所中实际测试後所完成。本书为简体中文,并标注拼音。

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    Diccionario de términos económicos y comerciales español-chino / chino-español
    Diccionario de términos económicos y comerciales español-chino / chino-español

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