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    Translating Chinese Art and Modern Literature

    EAN: 9781138549210

    Translating Chinese Art and Modern Literature
    ISBN: 978-1-138-54921-0 // ISBN: 9781138549210
    Anno di edizione: 2019
    Casa editrice: Routledge
    Numero di pagine: 215
    Lingua: inglese
    Paese di origine: U.K

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    Translating Chinese Art and Modern Literature è un saggio sul processo di traduzione della letteratura e arte cinesi dal punto di vista interdisciplinare.

    Il libro è diviso in 10 capitoli nei quali si spiega l'impatto che implica la traduzione di immagini, libri e film. Translating Chinese Art and Modern Literature posside anche una seconda parte nella quale diversi accademici e traduttori spiegano il processo di traduzione dei materiali.

    Descrizione della casa editrice (in lingua inglese):

    Translating Chinese Art and Modern Literature examines issues in cross-cultural dialogue in connection with translation and modern Chinese art and literature from interdisciplinary perspectives. This comprises the text-image dialogue in the context of Chinese modernity, and cross-cultural interaction between modern literature in Chinese and other literatures.

    This edited collection approaches these issues with discrete foci and approaches, and the ten chapters in this volume are to be divided into two distinct parts. The first part highlights the mutual effects between literary texts and visual images in the media of book, painting, and film, and the second part includes contributions by scholars of literary translation.



    Yifeng Sun and Chris Song

    Chapter 1

    Painted in Oil, Composed in Ink: Late Qing Ekphrastic Poetry and the Encounter with Western-Style Painting

    Frederik H. Green

    Chapter 2

    Incivility Incarnate: the Westerners of Wenming xiaoshi

    Stephen J. Roddy

    Chapter 3

    The Dramatization of Characterization in the Literary Translations of the 1910s in China: A Case Study of Zhou Shoujuan’s Translations of Western Fiction

    Dechao Li

    Chapter 4

    Spilled Ink: Woodblock Print Artists and Lu Xun’s Literary and Theoretical Translations

    Elizabeth Emrich

    Chapter 5

    Between Orality and Visuality: Translating "Radio Stories" into Popular Cantonese Films

    Lunpeng Ma

    Chapter 6

    Translation as Weapons in the War of Ideas: English, Russian and Chinese Translation of "Li Sao" in the 1950s

    Xiaolu Ma

    Chapter 7

    Local Intersections: Cultural Translation in Liu Yichang

    Heidi Yu Huang

    Chapter 8

    Dog Barking at the Moon: Transcreation of a Meme in Art and Poetry

    Cosima Bruno

    Chapter 9

    Translationese as Dissent: The Use of Translationese in Zhang Chengzhi’s History of the Souland Yan Lianke’s The Four Books

    Jessica Yeung

    Chapter 10

    Translating Chinese Modernity

    Yifeng Sun


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    Translating Chinese Art and Modern Literature
    Translating Chinese Art and Modern Literature

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