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    Integrated Chinese Level 1. Part 2. DVD (Third Edition)

    EAN: 9780887277658

    Integrated Chinese Level 1. Part 2. DVD (Third Edition)
     978-0-88727-765-8 //  ISBN: 9780887277658
    Anno di edizione: 2009
    Casa editrice: Cheng & Tsui
    Lingua: cinese
    Paese di origine: Stati Uniti

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    Integrated Chinese è la serie di libri di testo più famosa degli Stati Uniti. Quella offerta in Italia, attraverso Aprende Chino Hoy/Impara il Cinese Oggi, è la terza ed ultima edizione.

    Famosa non solo per la qualità dei suoi contenuti, ma anche per il design di alto livello, che rende più piacevole ed efficace lo studio.

    Il prodotto presentato qui è il DVD che appartiene al livello 1 parte 2.

    Altri prodotti dello stesso livello:

    Libro di testo
    - Libro degli esercizi
    - Libro dei caratteri
    - Audio del libro di testo e del quaderno degli esercizi

    Descrizione in inglese del prodotto

    Bring the Integrated Chinese series to life with this new DVD! These live-action videos revolve around the real-life situations of the Integrated Chinese characters and present all 20 dialogues and narratives from the Level 1, Part 2 textbook.

    Students will improve their communicative skills as well as increase their familiarity with Chinese culture. "Culture Minutes" related to the topics in each lesson take students onto the streets of Beijing, where they can listen in on unscripted, informal conversations with native speakers of Chinese.

    Designed for use with Integrated Chinese, the DVDs are adaptable to most introductory Chinese courses.

    Descrizione in inglese della serie:

    The Integrated Chinese series is a two-year course that includes textbooks, workbooks, character workbooks, online workbooks, audio CDs, multimedia resources, and teacher's handbooks. Materials are available in both simplified character and traditional character versions.

    LEVEL 1 PART 1

        * Begins the first year of study in Chinese, and introduces about 350 vocabulary items

        * Covers the basics with simple, graded activities on essential topics such as greetings, dates and times, family, and shopping

        * Introduces essential grammatical structures

        * Positions pinyin texts close to Chinese character texts so students can focus on speaking and pronunciation

    LEVEL 1 PART 2

        * Continues the first year of study and introduces about 350 more vocabulary items

        * Helps learners build communicative skills as they discuss everyday topics and learn useful sentence structures

      LEVEL 2 PART 1

        * Begins the second year of study with about 350 more vocabulary items

        * Covers topics of interest to college-age students, such as campus life, career planning, and Chinese cultural traditions

        * Includes pinyin texts at the end of each lesson, so students can read characters without relying on pinyin

    LEVEL 2 PART 2

        * Focuses on important linguistic structures to build and refine learners' understanding of Chinese grammar

        * Introduces approximately 400 more vocabulary items

        * Gradually introduces more formal speech and written-style language

    What's New in the Third Edition?

        * An all-new, four-color design to facilitate student learning

        * Fewer lessons in Level 1 (20) to allow for more flexible pacing

        * Level 2 split into 2 parts for more flexibility
        * More task-based, communicative language applications and exercises in both the textbook and the workbook
        * A reorganization of the lessons so that each of the dialogues or readings is followed by its own Vocabulary, Grammar, and Language Practice sections
        * An exciting new storyline now links all the dialogues and readings in each level
        * New photos, illustrations, and authentic materials such as menus, street signs and tickets have been added throughout
        * Learning Objectives have been added to the beginning of each lesson to help students focus their studies and achieve language learning goals
        * Relate and Get Ready introductory questions for each lesson, designed to help students relate the learning objectives to their own cultural knowledge and communicative goals
        * New up-to-date, relevant vocabulary and a How About You? section in Level 1 that presents fun supplementary vocabulary personalized to fit students' interests
        * The Culture Highlights section provides just the right amount of relevant, interesting cultural information in a consistent place in each lesson
        * Review sections after every five lessons for review and reinforcement
        * A Progress Checklist at end of each lesson allows students to track their own progress and identify areas for further review
        * The comprehensive grammar coverage now has clearer explanations and examples
        * A detailed plan of scope and sequence to aid in lesson planning.
        * Exercises in the Workbook are arranged in two parts for each lesson, corresponding to the two dialogues or readings in the textbook
        * The Workbook now includes brief review lessons after every 5 lessons for cumulative practice and reinforcement
        * Audio recordings include English translations for studying on the go and are available on CD or as MP3 downloads
        * The Character Workbook includes more practice space for each character and radical information for each character
        * Teacher's Handbook (available spring 2010) will include sample syllabi, lesson planning and teaching tips, answer keys, additional classroom activities, sample tests and quizzes, and more!


    Lesson 11: Talking about the Weather

    Lesson 12: Dining

    Lesson 13: Asking Directions

    Lesson 14: Birthday Party

    Lesson 15: Seeing a Doctor

    Lesson 16: Dating

    Lesson 17: Renting an Apartment

    Lesson 18: Sports

    Lesson 19: Travel

    Lesson 20: At the Airport

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    Integrated Chinese Level 1. Part 2. DVD (Third Edition)
    Integrated Chinese Level 1. Part 2. DVD (Third Edition)

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