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    Learn to Use Chinese Aspect Particles

    EAN: 9780815367321

    Learn to Use Chinese Aspect Particles
    ISBN: 978-0-8153-6732-1 // ISBN: 9780815367321
    Anno di edizione: 2019
    Casa editrice: Routledge
    Numero di pagine: 285
    Lingua: inglese, cinese
    Paese di origine: Regno Unito

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    Descrizione dell'editore :

    Aspect in Mandarin Chinese plays an important role in interpreting the temporal information of a sentence. It is an important verbal category, which is concerned with the speaker’s viewpoint or perspective on a situation: whether the situation is presented as complete (perfective aspect) or as ongoing (imperfective aspect), etc. Learning to understand the aspect particles or markers, and use them correctly, has always been one of the most difficult tasks for learners of Chinese.

    Learn to Use Chinese Aspect Particles is a pedagogical guide designed to equip teachers with necessary aspectual theoretical knowledge, and is aimed at in-service or trainee teachers, and intermediate or advanced students to reinforce teaching and learning. Challenging exercises are designed and explanations for the correct use of an aspect particle are given, thus making the book more useable and convenient to teachers and enhancing the practical reference value of the book.

    Indice dei contenuti :


    1 Basic Background Knowledge

    2 The Perfective Aspects in Chinese

    3 The Imperfective Aspects in Chinese



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    Learn to Use Chinese Aspect Particles
    Learn to Use Chinese Aspect Particles

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