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    The Routledge Intermediate Chinese Reader

    EAN: 9780415636360

    The Routledge Intermediate Chinese Reader
     978-0-415-63636-0 //  ISBN:9780415636360
    Anno di edizione: 2013
    Casa editrice: Routledge
    Numero di pagine: 242
    Lingua: cinese, inglese
    Paese di origine: UK

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    Descrizione del libro (in inglese):

    The Routledge Intermediate Chinese Reader is a comprehensive reader designed to provide varied, stimulating and up-to-date reading material for learners of Chinese at the intermediate level.

    The Chinese Reader provides a bridge between basic literacy skills and the ability to read full novels and newspapers in Chinese. It consists of forty readings, graded on the basis of complexity of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. These readings present a range of different text types representative of modern Chinese popular writing which will inspire students to continue reading independently in Chinese.

    It is ideal for learners who already possess a knowledge of essential grammar and vocabulary and who wish to expand their knowledge of the language through contextualized reading material.

    Key features include:

    • Extracts from newspaper and internet articles
    • Vocabulary annotation next to the reading paragraphs for quick reference
    • Short grammar explanations of any complicated structures
    • Comprehension and discussion questions
    • Notes on culture and idioms
    • Lesson structure maps to aid comprehension
    • A companion website containing lesson audio and electronic vocabulary flash cards
    • Full glossary at the back and answer key for reading questions

    Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Intermediate Chinese Reader is an essential tool for facilitating vocabulary learning and increasing reading proficiency.

    Contenuto del libro (in inglese):

    第一课 校园文化 –Lesson 1 Campus Culture 第二课 在中国医院看病—Lesson 2 At a Chinese Hospital 第三课 年轻人喜欢的音乐—Lesson 3 Music Fond by the Young 第四课 运动与休闲— Lesson 4 Sports and Leisure Time 第五课 民以食为天Lesson 5 Food is the Stall of Life 第六课 留学与海归--Lesson 6 Study Abroad and Oversea Returners 第七课 就业与失业Lesson 7 Employment and Unemployment 第八课 现代网络生活Lesson 8 Modern Internet Life 第九课 传统节日新过法—Lesson 9 New Celebrations of Traditional Festivals 第十课 爱情和婚姻—Lesson 10 Love and Marriage 第十一课 中华民族的图腾龙Lesson 11 The Chinese National Totem – Dragon 第十二课 中国家庭—Lesson 12 Chinese Family 第十三课 明星的生活—Lesson 13 The Life of Celebrities 第十四课 城市夜生活—Lesson 14 Urban Night Life 第十五课 游山玩水—Lesson 15 Up to the Mountains and Down to the Rivers 第十六课 90后年轻一代 –Lesson 16 The Young Generation Born in 90s 第十七课 外资企业—Lesson 17 Foreign-Invested Enterprises 第十八课 城市在生长 Lesson 18 Urban Growth 第十九课 改变中的农村—Lesson 19 Villages are Under Changes 第二十课 中国少数民族风采 –Lesson 20 The Charming of Chinese Minorities 词汇索引:英文/Vocabulary Index: English 词汇索引:拼音 /Vocabulary Index: Pinyin

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