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The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Calligraphy: An Introduction to Semi-Cursive Script (Xingshu)

EAN: 9781602201392

ISBN: 9781602201392 // ISBN: 9781602201392
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Editora: Better Link Press
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The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Calligraphy:  An Introduction to Semi-Cursive Script (Xingshu)
ISBN: 978-1602201392
Páginas: 80
Año edición: 2013
Idioma: inglés

Descricción de la editorial en inglés:

Chinese calligraphy is a unique visual art form that can be appreciated regardless of having previous knowledge of Chinese characters. While modern Chinese calligraphy consists of five styles, this book focuses on the semi-cursive script, a practical style that emphasizes the transition and structure between strokes.

The Beginner's Guide to Chinese Calligraphy Semi-cursive Script teaches how to write the practical and artistic semi-cursive script. Based on the style of Zhao Mengfu, a master of semi-cursive script, you will learn the distinct features of the script and what exemplifies the semi-cursive style. This guide, with step by step illustrations, reduces the difficulty for beginners to learn Chinese calligraphy and is truly a must for Chinese calligraphy amateurs.

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Chinese Calligraphy (Incluye DVD)
Chinese Calligraphy (Incluye DVD)

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