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Teaching and Learning Chinese in Higher Education- Theoretical and Practical Issues

EAN: 9781138697676

ISBN: 9781138697676 // ISBN: 9781138697676
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Editora: Routledge
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Libro escrito por los principales profesionales y académicos, el libro es la primera colección de artículos de investigación basada en datos recogidos en instituciones de educación superior en el Reino Unido.

Los estudios se centran en las preocupaciones relacionadas con los estudiantes de chino como lengua extranjera. 

Contenidos del libro:

Chapter 1 European Benchmarking Chinese Language: Defining the Competences in the Written Language Yang Lu, Lianyi Song

Chapter 2 Exploring the Criterion-Validity of HSK Levels 3 and 4: Are Assessments and CEFR Standards Related? Yang Lu Chapter 3 Problematizing Identity Work in CFL Teaching Materials Rugang Lu

Chapter 4 Learning Chinese Idioms: A Luxury or Necessity for the Curriculum? Jiaqi F. Guo

Chapter 5 An Experimental Study on Teaching Number-Related Chinese Metaphors with Cognitive Deep-Rooted Cultural Input Dian Huang

Chapter 6 The Application of a Visual Stimulation Approach for Teaching CFL at Beginner Level Duo Luan

Chapter 7 Bootstrapping Learning in a Chinese Beginners’ Classroom Ann Devitt, Weiming Liu

Chapter 8 The Impact of an Online Grammar Self-Assessment System on CFL Learners and Teachers Lijing Shi

Chapter 9 An Analysis of Advanced L2 Chinese Learners’ Common Errors and their Perceptions on Errors in Argument-Based Essays Catherine H. Xiang, Yue Ji

Chapter 10 The Effect of Instruction on L2 Writing in Chinese: A T-Unit Analysis Shuai Zhao


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Processing the Chinese Language (Language and Congnitive Procesess)
Processing the Chinese Language (Language and Congnitive Procesess)

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